Hotel & Restaurant


Remarkable Italian fabrics that are truly impressive to behold. Rubelli combines classic and trendy influences in a very daring manner. The great collection with antique fabrics form the “Fabric Palace” in Venice. This is where all their beautiful fabrics are presented.

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For over 25 years this brand has the most sparkling fabric and wallpaper collection. The brand is very innovative. The design team of Elitis has the right skills to develop the most innovative fabric techniques worldwide.

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Latorre & PAU

Classic and Aesthetic interior designs with the main focus on comfort. Latorre takes a classic style and gives it a modern translation. These are elegant furniture items that leave a great impression. Latorre is suitable for many different interior styles.

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Marie’s Corner

Handcrafted furniture with a timeless appearance. These are refined designs with a great focus on small details. A style combination of classic and modern. Quality items with a typical “Marie Corner Twist”, easy to apply in many interior styles.

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Sika Design

Sustainable handcrafted Rotan furniture with a high sense of comfort. Excellent for creating a warm atmosphere. The materials have a natural and pure appearance. It’s a modern translation of the typical fifties models. Imagine the famous “egg” of Arne Jacobsen.

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